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Pick Up Tea Delivery Currently Available

Every Wednesday:


Delivery arranged for

minimum of 3 (6 packs) ordered.

Tea Delivery and Pickup Menu



Green Tea (Sencha)

Refined Japanese Green Tea

Green Tea (Gunpowder)

Strong Bold Chinese Green Tea

Oolong Tea

Earthy & Sophisticated Chinese Tea

Black Tea (Assam and China Black Blend)

The Perfect Marriage of Premium Black Tea

Chai Tea

Traditional Masala Spices in this Signature Blend (contains caffeine)


Peppermint (Herbal)

Cool and Calm

Hibiscus Rose (Herbal)

Flowery, Tart Tisaine

all teas are made unsweetened

add-ons: chia bubbles, peach, lemon, ginger

More tea flavors and add-ons coming soon.

choose between distilled (free), spring or alkaline water.

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