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On October 2010 Tiffany set out on what would be her life's passion: to create delightful tea experiences for the world, one sip at a time.  She decided at the suggestion of a friend to be become a vendor at the iconic Harlem POP (a popup shop featuring eclectic vendors ranging from fine jewelry craftsmen, African Print inspired fashions from Harriet by Hekima, and Tea by Tiffany (at the time the brand was called: Wellnista Signature Blends) the original first tea blends are included in The Standard Tea Collection.  Below is a video that Tiffany posted after her first day of at Harlem POP.. needless to say she realized fairly quickly that tea would be a permanent part of her life moving forward.

A Humble Beginning and a Daring Heart....

Photo Courtersy of Nyeri Moulterie

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In 2010 I had an oppoturnity to sell my loose tea conconctions at a pop-up shop called "Harlem Pop" these loose tea concoctions were the result of a previous venture of mine as a holistic practitioner.  I had an excess of inventory and this event was a great way to turn a profit.  I also decided I'd 'explore' the idea of making prepared tea on the spot for customers and passersby. I prepared two blends (a signature chai and a hibiscus rose and rose hip tea). The pop up experience went so well, I decided I should pursue tea as a fulltime business.

From 2011-2013 I operated my shop from Brooklyn's DeKalb market which proved to be a financial failure for me and simultaneously a testament to my passion and drive for success.  I lost a great amount of money and even after that I was still committed to making my dream become a reality.

I experimented with various concepts (flee markets, tea parties, loose tea, iced tea, tea education events, tea tasting and pairing events, a shipping container tea café!) I attended trades shows in NYC, NJ, Philly and Nevada to meet and developed relationships with those in my field.  I read everything I could on tea, learning the history, techniques and varieties and more.

I am most proud of staying the course no matter what, never giving up on my goal and growing my business.
Currently I am the only employee of  with help of a Kia loan I will be in a position to expand my business and hire my first employee.  After 8 years of honing my skills and expertise I'm clear the best path for me is to open a chain of privately owned tea cafes that specialize in premium tea (loose and prepared) fresh bottled tea, bespoke tea, and specialty coffee options.

Photo Courtersy of VySyn Photography

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