Bespoke Menu Design

Founded in 2010 Tea by Tiffany is Committed to delivering the finest in tea and tea culture. We have a dedicated mission to make America a tea drinking country one cup at a time.


With our special Bespoke Tea Menu your establishment can rest assured that your guests will enjoy a pleasurable and unique tea experience each and every time.


Our founder Tiffany Newton ( feel free to call her ‘Tiffany Tea’ ) has studied herbs and tea for the past ten years and has made a name for herself when it comes to this affordable luxury. We have three types of Bespoke Tea Menu plans to suit any location. Take a look at our options and feel free to inquire about more possibilities if your needs require.  see sample menus


Customers love options!


Already have tea on your menu? No problem. Much like wine and other spirits,  tea comes in a various degrees of quality, flavor profiles, textures and blends. When you have a specially curated tea menu with expertly sourced ingredients or single origins varieties you can charge customers premium price points while still offering current tea options at lower price points. However of course we are more than happy to be your exclusive tea provider.


Menu Options


Each Menu below is pre curated and can be delivered to your place of business weekly. $35 is the minimum order.


For special curated Menus that are exclusive in part or whole to your establishment the following applies:


Menu setup: $50 (includes one revision) additional revisions are $25 each. Menu reviews are discussed in person only (no emailing) Weekly minimum order $40+ (the weekly price may vary depending on tea selections)


How are our teas packaged and delivered to you?


Each tea option comes individually bagged in tea filter bags and tightened with cotton string and each tea type is then placed in resealable bags specifically made for tea. We advise our customers if they are not transferring tea bags into canisters to instruct staff to reseal bags appropriately.


Tea canisters sold separately.


Luxury tea bags


These tea bags are also hand bagged. For this option we use 100% food grade cotton cheesecloth. This service is an additional $20 per each order at the base rate of $35 or $40. Double or triple orders will incur $20 per each increment.


Menu Design


Each Tea by Tiffany Menu comes in a classy design that speaks to the beauty, and appeal of the tea offerings.  Customers are welcome to use their own templates but are required to state somewhere on the menu:


Tea offerings curated by: Tea by Tiffany

© 2016 by Tea by Tiffany.

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