Black / Green (featuring Tea by tiffany)

TEA BY TIFFANY $3.5 / $4.5  (these premium tea options will yield 2-3 steeps / free hot water refills) “Tea au Lait” add .50c



ENGLISH BREAKFAST (traditional breakfast tea made with tea from India and China)

ASSAM* (smooth black tea from Assam India with chocolate notes)

EARL GREY* (Fine Black Tea scented and infused with Bergamot oil)

LADY TIFFANY GREY* (...a refined bouquet of Earl Grey, Calendula and Blue Corn Flowers,

touched with citrus of orange and lemon) essentially: Afternoon Tea in a Cup

EARL GREY ROYALE* ( exquisite Earl Grey adorned with Royal Blue Flowers & French


BLACK BEAUTY* (Organic Ceylon Black tea from India with Organic Roses, Chamomile and


BLUE MOON (English Breakfast w/ Organic Blueberries & Lavender)

HALF & HALF* (Assam Black Tea, Dried Organic Lemon)

CEYLON ROSE* (Organic Ceylon Black Tea, Organic Pink and Red Rose Petals)


TIFFANY’S SIGNATURE CHAI (SPICED TEA)  ($4.75 / au lait + .25 cents / latte +.50)

Taste of India Made with Assam Black Tea, adorned with Masala Spices (Ginger*, Cardamom*,

Cinnamon, Star Anise, Black Pepper, Clove*, Fennel, Orange Peel*)



GUNPOWDER* (bold, earthy Chinese Green Tea)

SENCHA* (bright, sunny Japanese Green Tea)

GEMAICHA* (earthy Japanese tea with popcorn and roasted rice)

MOROCCAN MINT* (Organic Peppermint & Spearmint w/ Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea)

JASMINE* (Jasmine Flower infused Chinese Green Tea)

MATCHA! (powdered Japanese green tea $4.5 hot or iced with or without milk /  make it a latte  $5

MATCHA MORINGA (the perfect blend of these super antioxidants: Matcha Tea and Organic

Jamaican  Moringa*  for optimum focus and fuel) 

© 2016 by Tea by Tiffany.

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