yellow / white / herbal

AFTERNOON TEA BY TIFFANY served gonfu style served from 2-4pm or by appointment only

Each of these single origin exquisite teas will steep 5-7 times … enjoy!



Meng Ding Huang Ya (Yellow Buds) 2017 This rare yellow tea from Sichuan province has been a tribute tea for centuries. It is mostly made from tea buds picked during the early spring to create a nutritious tea with a lightly sweet mild flavor. Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12

Mo Gan Huang Ya (Mo Gan Yellow Buds) Organic 2018  This tea is may look like a green tea, but it is in fact a yellow tea. The main difference between yellow and green tea is that yellow is slightly oxidized. Yellow tea is known for being gentler on the stomach than green tea, making it a nice alternative. Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12


Bai Mu Dan (White Peony) Organic 2017.  As with all true white teas, Bai Mu Dan is made with the leaves from the Da Bai Cha cultivar of tea bush. A leafier grade of organic white tea, Bai Mu Dan is made with slightly more mature buds and tea leaves than Silver Needle.  Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12

Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle) Organic 2017 .  The fragrance of our silver needle is light and yields many apricot colored infusions with a rich flavor that is noticeably fruitier than Silver Needle.  Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12


Jia Cang 2012 Loose Leaf Black Pu’erh.  Aged puer tea has greater health benefits and a sweeter taste, so Chinese people like to store some pu’erh tea at home for later use. The medium-sized leaves provide for a deep, robust flavor. The color is dark brown with reddish overtones. This tea is both sweet and rich without earthiness. Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12

Gong Ting (Palace Puer) Loose Leaf Pu’erh 2008 This tea is good for people who are new to pu’erh It is very approachable because it is rich with no bitterness. Single Serve $12 Double Serve $22


Bai Yun Xiang Pian (White Cloud Jasmine) 2017.  This style of tea is the most common jasmine tea worldwide. Jasmine scented tea is tea that has been infused with jasmine flowers several times during tea production. While the flowers are removed, the wonderful aroma and delicate taste remains. Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12

TISANE Herbal (caffeine free) Osmanthus Flowers or Wild Chrysanthemum Buds Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12



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