Scented / oolong / pu-erh

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TEA BY TIFFANY $3.5 / $4.5  (these premium tea options will yield 2-3 steeps / free hot water refills) “Tea au Lait” add .50c



EARL GREY* (Premium Black Tea traditionally scented with Bergamot Oil) (see black tea for other Earl Grey Options)

JASMINE (a bright traditionally beautiful bouquet of Jasmine scented Chinese Green Tea)

JASMINE MAO JIAN* (enjoy this earthy variety of Jasmine, traditionally scented with Jasmine Flowers)



Formosa Type Taiwanese Oolong (exquisite earthy and grounding tea)

ROSE OOLONG (Oolong w/ Pink and Red Rose Petals*)

SAVOY (Oolong with Chrysanthemum* and Pink Roses*)



PU’ERH (a traditional fermented aged tea  from Yunnan province in China, this Pu’erh is a great everyday tea for the connoisseur in training).

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