Green / wulong / black

AFTERNOON TEA BY TIFFANY served gonfu style served from 2-4pm or by appointment only.  Each of these single origin exquisite teas will steep 5-7 times … enjoy!


Misty New Top (organic Green Tea 2017)  Excellent aroma and complexity at an everyday-drinker price. Light mineral astringency gives way to a softer, almost creamy, character. Single Serve $12 Double Serve $22

Gu Zhu Zi Sun (Purple Bamboo Shoot 2018) Our Gu Zhu Zi Sun is made from only early spring buds and fresh leaves resulting in a fresh clean flavor and lingering sweet aftertaste. Take time to notice the tea leaves floating on the water similar to elegant Chinese orchids. Single Serve $12 Double Serve $22

Fo Mei (Buddha’s Eyebrow 2018 Organic) Mei (Eyebrow) style tea, named after the dried leaves shape,is traditionally the most popular everyday tea in China. Single Serve $12 Double Serve $22


Shui Jin Gui (Golden Water Turtle) Rock Wulong Tea 2017 This medium roasted tea has a strong dark chocolate aroma but sweet floral aftertaste and flavor that never goes bitter. Compared to other medium roasted tea, which have a heavy concentrated taste, Shui Jin Gui gives you a clean slippery feeling that allows you to appreciate the character of this bush. Single Serve $15 Double Serve $28

Yu Lan Xiang (Magnolia) Dan Cong Wulong Tea 2018 Once brewed, the tea has a full-bodied flavor that fills the entire mouth. The degree of intensity of its natural magnolia fragrance endures through numerous infusions. Single Serve $17 Double Serve $30

Ma Liu Mi (Monkey Picked) Anxi Wulong Tea 2017 ...a lightly oxidized Anxi wulongs with a relatively mild brew. Well suited for the green tea drinker who is curious to  explore some of the nuance of wulong tea without   straying too far from a familiar flavor profile. Single Serve $10 Double Serve $18


Lapsang Souchong Strong Smoke Organic Black Tea 2017 . This smoky certified organic Lapsang Souchong is the most popular and familiar Lapsang tea. This tea is crafted with the same traditional techniques used hundreds of years ago. Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12

Breakfast Qimen (Breakfast Keemun) Organic Black Tea 2017 Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12


Lao Shu Dian Hong (Old Tree Yunnan) 2018 The practice of making this tea began by accident. The result was unlike any other black tea available and instantly gained the attention of tea lovers. Single Serve $7 Double Serve $12


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